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The Quatro Styles
June, 2009

Legend's latest and greatest video featuring the four aspects of Football Freestyle : airmoves, uppers, sitdowns, groundmoves.

Dubai Freestyle Performance
August, 2008

A compilation of Abdullah's football freestyle clips from live performances in City Centre Mall sponsored by du.
The UNexpected
December, 2007

This video features Legend's most creative freestyle skills done with smooth flow and style.
The Return of the Legend
April, 2007

The Return of the Legend, is a masterpiece of skillful freestyling guaranteed to astonish you.
Legend Compilation 2006
December, 2006

A compilation of Legend's best freestyling clips performed in 2006
Brazil Airport Performance
October, 2006

Watch the Legend freestyle in front of the crowds at Kuwait's airport while waiting for the arrival of Brazil's soccer team.
4in1 Masters
September, 2005

A video featuring great feestylers including Legend, Timinho, Kantcho, and Golomejic.



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